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Slipknot 1999

Live Footage

This SLIPKNOT Show From 1999 Is So Insanely Energetic

It's the show where the "Wait And Bleed" video was shot.

You really need to check out this Slipknot show filmed in Ankeny, IA on July 31, 1999. The show runs just over a half an hour long (sans the three minutes of introduction at the top of the video), and just has such a chaotic energy about it. Everyone in the band is all over the place throughout the performance, the music sounds phenomenal, and the crowd is VERY into it.

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The other cool thing about specific footage is where the camera person is – you can really hear what percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan and DJ Sid Wilson are contributing throughout. It's also the show where some (maybe all) of the footage for the 'Wait And Bleed" video was shot, which is pretty damn cool! The show runs as follows:

  1. 3:10 "(Sic)"
  2. 6:31 "Eyeless"
  3. 11:57 "Wait and Bleed"
  4. 15:36 "Liberate"
  5. 20:42 "Surfacing"
  6. 25:09 "Purity"
  7. 30:13 "Spit it Out"
  8. 33:13 "Eeyore"

For reference, here's the video.

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