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TESSERACT Battles Some Inner Demons In New Song & Video "King"

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TESSERACT Battles Some Inner Demons In New Song & Video "King"

It's a difficult watch at points.

Tesseract's new album Sonder is out on April 20 and they're about to make you feel a whole range of emotions with their new song and video "King."

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Vocalist and lyricist Daniel Tompkins says the song is essentially about picking and choosing your battles, and trying to enjoy life without letting the petty bullshit get in the way. Oh, and it's a pretty heavy track too!

"Far too often we find ourselves lead into conflict and inner turmoil. Life is surely a battle, history has a bad habit of repeating itself, and when living with the constraints of an onerous life, it's easy to overlook the greatest gift we've ever received: life itself."

Pre-order Sonder below.

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"I feel like it might be a real step in a fresh direction for Tesseract."

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The news comes on the heels on a Ukranian benefit EP.