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SONORAN REBEL BLACK MAGICK  (LORD MANTIS, AVICHI) Creates True Western Doom In Debut Video For "Pilgrim Of The Sun"

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SONORAN REBEL BLACK MAGICK (LORD MANTIS) Creates True Western Doom In Debut Video For "Pilgrim of the Sun"

Lord Mantis guitarist Andrew Markuszewski is a man of many hats — literally. In addition to sludge heavyweights Lord Mantis and his solo black metal band Avichi, the guitarist formerly known as Aamonael also leads the experimental dark folk act Sonoran Rebel Black Magick.

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At times displaying the similarities of Nick Cave and King Dude, the one-man folk project is getting ready to release its debut album True Western Doom via New Density on June 21. (Pre-order here.)

Recorded and mixed by Markuszewski in the Sonoran Desert and mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Yob), the press release says the album's eight tracks are "the soundtrack to a dream of a western world, where time is a flat circle, and cutthroat realities cement — only to later break away into an ethereal and occult truth."

"Just another record by a man, both, at the end of his wits and at the end of another civilization," says  Markuszewski. "This album has some feels, and some of them aren't pretty."

The band recently released a music video for the song "Pilgrim of the Sun," which shows off SRBM's eclectic mix of ambient black metal, electronica and outlaw country swagger.

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Markuszewski isn't the first extreme metal musician to try his hand at the country thing. Xasthur mastermind Scott Conner completely jettisoned his band into a "blackgrass" trio of folk musicians, while former Morbid Angel frontman David Vincent has crooned cowboy songs for the last several years.

But who does it better? Let's find out!

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