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Shock Withdrawal

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SHOCK WITHDRAWAL Streams New Single "Oblivion Seeker"

Their new record is due out this March.

Death metal trio Shock Withdrawal is now streaming their new single and video "Oblivion Seeker" off their upcoming record The Dismal Advance, due out March 15.

"This video was shot DIY style with a shoestring budget," said guitarist Nick Emde. "The only location we could lock down for the shoot was in Texas during the hottest month of year, and it was inside a metal building with no air conditioning. It legit felt like 150 degrees in there, plus we had to shut the big metal door when recording which you could probably sear a steak on! I guess that would have been a pretty metal thing to do"

Vocalist Mitchell Luna added on the album itself: "Writing this album was an absolute challenge, as we are all spread out throughout different parts of the country, but I am beyond happy with the end result! It's a mix of death metal, grind, and hardcore, and a vast improvement from the EP we put out in 2022.

"We went the DIY route and recorded the album ourselves with the help of some good friends, and then handed it off to Arthur Rizk so he can work his magic in the mixing/mastering department. It's 21 minutes. No fucking filler. Bleak and painful, yet grounded in reality.

"Thanks to anyone that listens! Blastbeats forever!"

Pre-orders for The Dismal Advance are available here.

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