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Shock Withdrawal

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SHOCK WITHDRAWAL Grinds You Into Nothing With "Despair Ratio"

Featuring Maruta, Mos Generator, and Nitesoil members.

Shock Withdrawal is the new band featuring members of Maruta, Mos Generator, and Nitesoil that's going to completely kick your ass into next year. The band is introducing themselves to the world with their debut single "Despair Ratio" alongside an equally violent music video.

"We filmed the video for 'Despair Ratio' ourselves with a budget of zero dollars and a 6 pack of beer," said Shock Withdrawal's Mitchell Luna. "Rather than just premiere a song with no accompanying visual element, we had some fun and captured rehearsal footage, which I then edited and incorporated some stylized filters/overlays. The video itself is straightforward and to the point. We are just 3 nerds in our late 30’s who fucking love grindcore and are stoked to collaborate on music together. There truly isn’t much else to it than that. Plain and simple. Enjoy the video in its 1×1 aspect ratio glory."

Shock Withdrawal will release their self-titled debut EP on March 4. The EP was recorded by Travis Bacon at Svart Sound, mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Municipal Waste), and given artwork by Primitive Man's Ethan Lee McCarthy. Pre-orders are available here, while cassettes are available here via Brutal Panda, CDs here via SelfMadeGod, and vinyl here via Roman Numeral Records.

"The idea for the band goes back in time when me and Jono were obsessing on extreme metal of the late eighties and nineties. Bands like Nasum, Brutal Truth, Lock Up, and Soilent Green. We couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to form a band of our own based on those types of influences. We moved apart from each other and time goes on," said Nick Emde of the band.

"Right before COVID we started talking about getting something going and through the exchange of riffs and drums via email across the country the band was formed. After a few demos and through the thoughts of finding a singer only one person came to mind and that was Mitch. His vocal style was spot on, he was already a friend and his Latino attitude was just what we needed! As soon as the lineup was situated we got the process going. Jono recorded the drums in Texas and the rest was done in LA."

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