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RUSH's "YYZ" Played On An Upright Bass Is Fascinating

We should all aspire in life to play an upright bass, even just once

I have to admit: I've always enjoyed the sound of an upright bass. And beyond its sound, I'm just fascinated by anyone who can hold such a monster of an instrument, and still have the most incredible poise to produce the most interesting of sonic excursions. Stripping away all the grandeur, it's an impressive instrument, to say the least

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Meet YouTuber Cory Combs, who is an upright bassist of an apparent incredible caliber: his latest video features Combs, dancing with his fingers and hands across the fretless ancient marvel, playing a cover of Rush's "YYZ." Take note of how effortlessly this very talented musician runs through the more intricate middle parts with mesmerizing fluidity, practically using his entire body to pull sound from the wood.

I'd never pretend to speak for Rush bassist Geddy Lee, but I think he would approve of Cory Combs rendition of the Canadian trio's classic cut. And by the way, if you're into these covers and stylistic remakes from musicians across the internet, below are a few of our favorites, if you'd like to check them out!

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