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PRO-PAIN "Deathwish" music video

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PRO-PAIN "Deathwish" music video

Pro-Pain are going to get you moshing coming January 21, 2014, with their new record The Final Revolution no doubt. Why not get going early by checking out their new track "Deathwish"? Usually I'm not a huge fan of hardcore-sounding music like this because it always entails some try-hard tough-guy attitude and a bunch of unmusical yelling (says the black metal fan). Fortunately "Deathwish" is a badass song with really heavy production and a pretty decent video that pays homage to the hardship of soldiers. That's awesome on all counts as far as I'm concerned! Also, who saw that guitar solo coming? This song is the equivalent of expecting a terrible Christmas gift from someone, getting something pretty cool instead and then getting a free cheeseburger afterward.

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