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METALLICA Streams Entire 2004 German Show

Metallica will soon play at a drive-in theater by you (and the Howard Stern show)! In the meantime, you can watch the band play old shows thanks to their Metallica Mondays series. This time around Metallica is streaming a show filmed at Olympiastadion in Munich, Germany on June 13, 2004.

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Check out some other Metallica Monday shows below, and make sure you check out the two singles posted from their coming live album S&M2.

10:25 Blackened
16:36 Fuel
21:22 For Whom the Bell Tolls
25:38 Kirk Doodle
26:55 Fade to Black
37:15 Frantic
44:36 The Memory Remains
49:19 Wherever I May Roam
55:54 St. Anger
01:03:22 Sad But True
01:10:25 Creeping Death
01:17:54 Damage, Inc.
01:25:40 Harvester of Sorrow
01:31:50 Kirk Solo
01:33:51 Nothing Else Matters
01:39:51 Master of Puppets
01:49:40 One
01:57:07 Enter Sandman
02:09:01 Dyers Eve
02:15:22 Seek and Destroy

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