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A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS' 1982 Hit "I Ran (So Far Away)" Makes A Great Metal Song

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Metal Version of A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS' 1982 Hit "I Ran (So Far Away)" Shows Just How Heavy They Could've Been

Thanks as always, Andy Rehfeldt.

YouTube metal god Andy Rehfeldt is back with another cover that is just too good. This time Rehfeldt took A Flock Of Seagulls' 1982 hit "I Ran (So Far Away)," stripped out all the original instrumentation and replaced it with something much heavier. The end result is one that you're going to listen to quite a few times.

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Another excellent mashup from Andy Rehfeldt. Like what you hear? Buy Andy a beer! Here are some more of Andy's great works:

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