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MASTODON Celebrate Band's 21st Birthday By Getting Hammered

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MASTODON Celebrate Band's 21st Birthday By Getting Hammered

Congrats to the members of Mastodon who are celebrating 21 years of being in a band. That's right, the band is now of legal drinking age, so the band made sure to go out and shoot a funny video to celebrate.

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Mastodon is currently in the studio working on one, maybe two new albums right now with a producer they've never worked with before! Mastodon has revealed they're working with producer David Bottrill, whose résumé includes bands like ToolDream TheaterRush, and Between the Buried and Me.

All we know about new Mastodon right now is that there are plenty of doom-heavy songs, but enough rippers to potentially warrant their own record as well

"We need an outside entity to come in that we trust to say, 'These are the songs,' but that's probably not gonna happen, so it's gonna be up to us to put our big-boy pants on and make a decision," said drummer Brann Dailor in a recent interview. "But there's a few different ways that we could do things, so we are just sort of debating those things.

"Okay, all these songs kind of sound like they're all friends, they all are similar-ish — they sort of have the same vibe, like a more doomy vibe, a more doom side of Mastodon. So we kind of like that idea — it's kind of cool; we like that — but also there's some rippers that we don't wanna leave out. And so we're kind of discussing whether or not, do we wanna do a full kind of doom-leaning album and then, a few months down the road, record the rippers and put a ripper album out? I don't know. So we're still sort of deciding how we wanna approach it."

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