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JO QUAIL Releases Breathtaking Live Performance of "White Salt Stag"

Jo Quail, the one-woman wonder who cycles audio layers to create a reflective performance, is back with another breathing taking live show after her Slay At Home appearance this past May.

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We're excited to premiere her live performance for "White Salt Stag" which comes from her 2016 full-length, Five Incantations, and it's a magical journey you need to see for yourself!

Jo Quail comments on the piece:

The element of earth is explored in this piece, through the musical description of a pursuit, of earthy sensations, things camouflaged then ultimately emerging triumphant in the open. As a live performance now it is very different to the original album version; it grows as I develop as a musician.

Keep up with this amazing artist via her Facebook Page.

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