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Ibaraki Heafy
Photo by Kyle A. Loftus

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IBARAKI (TRIVIUM, IHSAHN) Streams Dark Video For "Kagutsuchi"

Featuring a very wide array of instrumentation.

Ibaraki, the band headed up by Trivium's Matthew Kiichi Heafy alongside black metal legend Ihsahn, just released their long-awaited debut album Rashomon. To celebrate, the project is now streaming a dark music video for the song "Kagutsuchi" directed by both Jon Paul Douglas and Kyle A. Loftus. "Kagutsuchi" also features a bass solo from Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto, which fits perfectly into the sprawling progressive heaviness of the song's lengthy runtime.

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"'Kagutsuchi' is the turning point in my relationship to black metal," says Kiichi. "Before crafting this piece, I believed I needed to stick to all the tropes of tradition — I didn't believe that I was able to attach my name to keep something legitimately black metal."

"Befriending Ihsahn and having him as a mentor showed me that being true to oneself is far more important than being true to a genre. Ihsahn freed my mind and encouraged the sharpening of the tools needed to begin Ibaraki properly. The very recorded guitar tracks in this final album are actually from 2010/2011. This album is an auditory time-capsule of my journey in creating Ibaraki. 'Kagutsuchi' was the first song I wrote after I had begun my tutelage under Ihsahn."

Rashomon is available here.

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