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Ibaraki 2022

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IBARAKI (TRIVIUM, IHSAHN) Recruits BEHEMOTH's Frontman For "Akumu"

Matt Heafy, Ihsahn, and Nergal together at least!

Ibaraki, the black metal project featuring Trivium's Matthew Kiichi Heafy and Ihsahn, is now streaming the new single "Akumu." The single features contributions from Behemoth vocalist and guitarist Nergal, performance art inspired by Olivier de Sagazan, and cinematography by Bryce Hall and Jonpaul Douglass.

"'Akumu' translates to 'nightmare' — and with this piece, I encourage the listener to work to find their interpretations of what they feel from the lyrics, music, and the haunting visuals of the music video," said Heafy. "I have always been fascinated by Sagazan's Transfiguration, and for years, I have wanted to pay homage to his works with a performance art piece; to finally be able to immerse myself in his style was an intense experience."

"Having Nergal guest in this Ihsahn co-written piece allowed me to combine many of my long-time influences; and when I presented with Nergal of the challenge of translating my lyrics into Polish, it brought the song to another level."

Ibaraki will release Rashomon on May 6. Pre-orders are available here.

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