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Help MRS. SMITH Release Her Crazy Lady Shred Guitar EP!

She just wants to park her car, man.

Mrs. Smith is just a crazy lady who wants to release some guitar shred, you know? She says her EP will consist of four songs plus a bonus track with vocals, narrative interludes that offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of her creative process, and a “Theater of the Mind” re-enactment of a key moment from her backstory that fuels her rage to this very day. What that might be may have something to do with this story.

My unbelievable musical journey began—quite unwillingly—when I was kidnapped and held for ransom by a Norwegian Death Metal band and suffered the Stockholm Syndrome. From that point on it’s been nothing but surprises for me and the people who stumble across my creative output.

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Busking with my guitar on the sidewalk brought me to prominence which lead to a star turn in a GUCCI commercial and gigging with my band The Rage at New York City. Along the way, I’ve had a blast making music videos, gear reviews, and meme’s.

It has been a delight to connect on social media with my fans across the world (who I call my “kittens”), meet rock guitar gods and industry notables, and receive endorsements from musical instrument manufacturers.

Mrs. Smith is seeking $5,000 to fund her EP, and as of the writing of this article already has close to $4,400! So go make it happen. Y'all need some crazy lady shred.

This girl's got cred. Here she is

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