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GGGOLDDD Streams Smoldering New Song "Invisible"

Vocalist Milena Eva is so good.

GGGOLDDD is about to have one hell of a 2022. The band will release their new record This Shame Should Not Be Mine on April 1, right before their very own Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone curate Roadburn 2022. You can check out their new single "Invisible" from the new record above alongside a frankly gorgeously-shot music video.

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“I've struggled to say out loud that I was hurting. You can hear this vulnerability in the super intimate electronic parts," said Eva. "And you can hear the overwhelming effect of such trauma in the huge, bombastic choruses.”

"The assault happened to me years ago and I kept it a secret out of shame and guilt. Every time I met somebody new or if I felt insecure I got really paranoid. I was so scared people could tell from my face I wasn’t doing alright. I tried to keep it all together. Faking my way through everything. Now I know that this was really toxic for my mind and body. It literally made me sick. The shame and the fear really take their toll. I think we should all take a good look at ourselves. How can we make sure that the assault doesn’t happen any more? But also how do we evolve into a world where people can live without shame?"

Pre-orders for This Shame Should Not Be Mine are available here.

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