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DOMKRAFT Trips Out With New Song "Dawn of Man"

All about rebuilding civilization.

Psych-heavy doom group Domkraft is back with a brand new record called Seeds, and a killer new song called "Dawn of Man". Go ahead and get lost in both the trippy video and hypnotic riffs above, which vocalist and bassist Martin Wegelandis all about rebuilding civilization.

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“’Dawn of Man’ is the sound of the physical rebuilding of human civilization. We need new places of worship, cleansed of fear, hate and everything else that corrodes a society. So, the idea is a kind of modern pyramids, utopian ‘audiodomes,’ and this song represents the construction phase of these.

"We went for a mechanical yet earthy feel, based on this rolling, neck-breaking drum beat that just keeps moving. It should feel like being in the middle of a crowd full of clenched fists wielding sledgehammers, unable to stand still.”

Pre-orders are available here. Seeds is out April 30.

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"This is one of those songs that always tends to get rowdier in a live setting than the recorded version."