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Niklas Sundin

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DARK TRANQUILLITY Guitarist Niklas Sundin Premieres Electronic-Heavy Solo Track "Nyaga"

Not exactly what you're expecting. More industrial than anything else.

Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin is making the most of his time between records and has kicked off a new solo project called Mitochondrial Sun. The project has just debuted its first track "Nyaga" via Invisible Oranges, and it's a great mix of industrial, black metal-ish blasting, and creepy ambiance.

Mitochondrial Sun is NIKLAS SUNDIN (Dark Tranquillity) solo project! Largely instrumental and featuring everything from Dead Can Dance-like tribal atmospheres to futuristic sci-fi soundscapes. Among the guest musicians appearing are Dark Tranquillity’s Martin Brändström and renowned cello player Annika Blomfeldt.

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Mitochondrial Sun will release a self-titled debut album on February 14. Pre-order here.

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