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Chris Adler's FIRSTBORNE Offer New Song "Sacred Lights," Their Heaviest Track Yet

Plus guitarist Myrone!

Firstborne, the new band featuring ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, bassist James LoMenzo (ex-Megadeth, ex-Black Label Society), guitarist Myrone, and singer Girish Pradhan (Girish and the Chronicles), is now streaming their new song "Sacred Lights".

Guitarist Myrone explained how the band collaborates, while not being in the same room (their vocalist is based in India, for example). Myrone says "This whole project has been so natural and easy. People always say "wow it must be hard to coordinate all of this," and I always feel a little strange because it hasn't been really. Everyone is an absolute beast at their own instrument and can record themselves exceptionally well. Do you realize how much of a cheat code it is to have Chris, James, and Girish in a band, and for them to send me perfect WAV's to mix? In MYRONE songs there are usually 90 different things going on–all of which I played, so maybe the guitar is great, but the bass might be a little lacking etc–So, it's been really nice just to mix guitars, bass, vocals, and drums all from people who actually know what they are doing! Not a lot of BS happening in a Firstborne mp3!"

Myrone stresses the band is a huge collaborative process "Everything everyone does has been met with the most extremely contagious positivity you could imagine. We are all fans of each other and we are having such a blast making all this stuff. Everyone just does their thing and it gets mixed together and the MP3's are the result. Nobody really has an ego, so we all feel comfortable suggesting different ideas. For example, Chris often offers suggestions for guitar parts that are quite subtle, but end up making huge differences. We're all congealing into a stew and the stew is mighty!"

You can check out Firstborne's music here on Bandcamp and grab some Firstborne merchandise via the band's website.

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