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Check Out This NEUROSIS Show From 1988 (When They Were Still A Punk Band)

Thanks to 924 Gilman of Berkeley, CA.

Venue 924 Gilman of Berkeley, CA recently put on an online festival to help raise money and keep the venue going. In addition to the festival, 924 Gilman also posted a handful of older footage from past shows. One of which is a 1988 performance from Neurosis when they were still a punk band.

Here's what the venue had to say about the footage.

OK, now that the Gilman clif bar stream is done, it's time to post some full sets that we were working on. This one was something. No one had decent audio of this show (we thought no soundboard existed), so I did my best to remix the audio from my old camera, with the stock mic, from the stage. I ws able to improve it from shitty, to slightly less than shitty. Then, after the submission deadline for the videos passed, Eric Mcintire told me that he had a board tape. We had a quick, contactless exchange at Ikeda's in Davis on Tuesday and then the work started.

I got the tape digitized and remixed (the mix is all over the place, but better than the audio from the camera), then when I tried to synch it with plural eyes, it would not read the 2 audio sources as something that could be synched… because of the shitty stage audio. UGH. So our good friend Daniel Hague (Kill that cat, east bay punk doc) stepped in and stayed up until 2AM one night getting this synched. It's not a perfect synch- synching 2 analog sources is near impossible- but he did one hell of a job. Thank you sir.

Creating this video took about 1000x longer than it took to read this explanation.

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