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"We were lucky and honored to be able to stumble into that, and also more than happy to move on from it as well."

New Music

Plus a new rendition of his book Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics.

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Music Videos

We're not responsible if you hallucinate during this song.

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Avant rock at its finest, Jarboe continues to embrace 35 years into her career.


Sludge metal is a genre that is, to say the least, overplayed. It's a genre that many might justifiably argue has been played out...


Neurosis are back, expanding their soundworlds and proving once more that they are among the greats.

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Latest neurosis Live Footage

Live Footage

They're performing all the Scott Kelly songs live!

Live Footage

It's pretty good quality footage too.

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