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NEUROSIS' Steve Von Till Announces New Ambient Album A Deep Voiceless Wilderness

Plus a new rendition of his book Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics.

neurosis steven von till

Neurosis guitarist and vocalist Steve Von Till is back wit a brand new ambient album titled A Deep Voiceless Wilderness, which is his first-ever effort with any guitar work. You can check out his debut single from the album "The Emptiness Swallows Us All" right now.

“This is how I originally heard this piece of music,” he says. “Without the voice as an anchor or earthbound narrative, these pieces have a broader wingspan. They become something else entirely and unfold in a more expansive way. The depth of the synths, juxtaposed with the strings and French horn, have space to develop and allow the listener to imagine their own story.”

Alongside the album comes a reading of Von Till's recent poem collection Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics.

“Being a constant sound-seeker, I thought it would be more interesting to have some textures and treatments to break up the intimate voice recordings,” he said. “The background sounds used on some of the tracks were pieces related to No Wilderness Deep Enough that were either not used or repurposed to interweave further connections between my artistic output at this time of my life.”

Pre-orders are available here.

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