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Bradley Hall Megadeth

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One song, 21 minutes long.

Bradley Hall, the guy who wrote fake Metallica and a fake Megadeth albums in one day, is back with his attempt at a Dream Theater record. The album features the keyboard talents of Joe Rawlins and, much like Dream Theater's music, features one song that's 21 minutes long.

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"If you know me and you know my channel, then you're probably well aware that I'm quite partial to setting myself ridiculous outlandish challenges from time to time," said Hall. "My latest of such endeavors has been creating whole entire albums in the style of certain bands in only a single day.

"Thus far I've already completed albums in the style of Metallica and Megadeth. I'm super proud of how these came out, and you guys seem to enjoy them a lot, but I'm not gonna deny that due to the nature of the music these bands play, these challenges weren't too difficult. So for this next challenge I figured I really have to ramp the difficulty up to the next level. So what I'm about to do this time is prog metal legends Dream Theater?"

Check out the final product below. It's… like Dream Theater but slower?

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Mashups & Covers

Yup, it's Bradley. The dude responsible for fake Megadeth.