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BELL WITCH Premieres 83 Minute Music Video For New Album Mirror Reaper

Mirror Reaper is also one song.

Bell Witch's brand new album Mirror Reaper is one 83-minute long song that takes the listener through various shades of despair and sorrow. Bell Witch has been streaming a music video for the song live in its entirety, and now they've posted it online. The music video was completed with director Taylor Bednarz, and here's what vocalist and bassist Dylan Desmond had to say about it.

“Taylor Bednarz created a fantastic film to fit Mirror Reaper using exclusively archived footage. During the writing process it became evident to us that the music invited a visual aspect. Bednarz’s interpretation captures much of the emotion we were trying to convey during the song and we are proud of the collaboration with him.”

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Maybe don't watch if you're already pretty bummed today.

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