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ANDREW WK Discusses Being Positive All The Time, Unity In America & Politicians

He also won't run for president in 2020. Bummer.

Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People has been on a roll lately with his killer interviews. This time around, Fullam got in touch with Andrew WK before his show at Irving Plaza in New York City. Fullam and WK discussed everything from positivity to politicians, and how WK manages to stay in such good spirits all the time.

"It’s really based on me trying to get cheered up. So it’s not a pressure even, it’s an opportunity, it’s a chance to feel a way that I probably wouldn’t otherwise get to feel. What we might call positive feelings have not come very easily to me. So this work, this mission, this party quest is a really beautiful gift that I’ve been given that allows me to feel better about life and hopefully feel that way with others as well."

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WK also reveals that he will not run for president in 2020. Bummer. You can grab his newest album You're Not Alone below if you haven't already, and get a taste of his killer live performance here. Watch more of Elliot's interviews here.

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