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AbramsRD-A by KimDennver
Photo by Kim Dennver

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ABRAMS' New Single "In The Clouds" Is As Heavy As It Is Atmospheric

For fans of bands like Torche and Elephant Tree.

Abrams will release their new record In the Dark on September 9, and we're streaming their new single "In The Clouds" right now! We've sung the praises of Abrams around here before and dammit, we're going to do it again. The band nails this perfectly grungy, sludgy sound with just the right amount of atmosphere and it works so well. Especially toward the end of "In The Clouds" when they bring it all down into a crushing finale.

"At 2:59, 'In The Clouds' turned out to be one of our most to the point songs to date," said the band. "The thunderous bass tone paired with the pounding drums are some of the tastiest and heaviest sounds on this record. There are hints of Soundgarden blended with the fuzziness of major key titans Torche. The climactic drop at the end of the song is probably my favorite moment on this record guaranteeing a headbang from the listener."

Pre-order In the Dark here.

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