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Latest Soundgarden News

Latest News

"We didn't think it was grunge — that became some marketing thing."

Latest News

"Nobody cares as much as you think they do. They want you like that. They don't mind."

Latest Soundgarden Music Videos

Music Videos

Matt Cameron Melvins needs to happen more.

Music Videos

Breaking from their usual covers of Rage Against the Machine and Tool.

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Latest Soundgarden Reviews


Backwoods Payback are the kings of grungy stoner rock. Join us in this maddening libation!


For the sake of full-disclosure, I should come right out with it: I absolutely love Grunge, and even when pitted against my Metal, Punk,...

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Latest Soundgarden Live Footage

Live Footage

Chris Cornell's 15-year-old daughter, Toni, is doing her dad proud. During a recent Lollapalooza livestream, she offered her own unique rendition of Pearl Jam's...

Live Footage

Soundgarden was always, always good live.

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