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10-Year-Old NANDI BUSHELL Shows You How To Play LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song" On Every Instrument at the Same Time

It's been really fun watching 10-year-old Nandi Bushell's progression as a musician these last few years. Now, Nandi is getting into looping! She got a whole bunch of new toys from instrument companies and is slowly learning how to use all of them. She shows off her new Boss RC 505 Loop by recording a loop of Led Zep's classic "Immigrant Song."

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Here's what Nandi had to say about it “The first time I heard the immigrant song by @ledzeppelin was in the movie #schoolofrock when @jackblack was driving the van, turns around and screams ‘ahh-aah’! Best movie ever! I have loved dropping the LED ever since! #johnbonham and his son @jasonbonham are both incredible drummers. @johnpauljonesofficial @jimmypage and @robertplantofficial you guys are so awesome too! #ledzeppelin are so so so good! Hope you guys love my loop I made for you. Happy Birthday @jimmypage.”

Page turned 77 on January 9th.

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