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WHITE ZOMBIE's New Box Set Covers Literally Everything The Band Did Between '85 and '89



Numero Group will soon issue the White Zombie box set It Came From NYC, which is literally everything the band did between 1985 and 1989. You can get the box in either a 5 LP (white, black, or toxic green waste colors) or 3 CD configuration. Whichever you choose, the box comes with a 108-page hardcover book, a 20,000 word essay by Grayson Currin, a show flyer gallery, a complete shirt design book from 1985 to 1990, and 50 unpublished photographs.

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Oh, it also comes with music! Specifically these pieces of music (with the legend of "* = previous unreleased)-

God's on Voodoo Moon 7" – 1985

  1. Gentleman Junkie
  2. King Of Souls
  3. Tales From The Scare Crow Man
  4. Cat's Eye Resurrection
  5. Black Friday*
  6. Dead or Alive*

Pig Heaven 7" – 1986

  1. Pig Heaven
  2. Slaughter The Grey
  3. Scarecrow #2*
  4. Red River Flow*
  5. Rain Insane*
  6. Paradise Fireball*

Psycho-Head Blowout 12" EP – 1987

  1. Eighty-Eight
    Fast Jungle
    Gun Crazy
    True Crime

Soul-Crusher 12" LP – 1987

  1. Ratmouth
  2. Shack Of Hate
  3. Drowning The Colossus
  4. Crow III
  5. Die Zombie Die
  6. Skin
  7. Truck On Fire
  8. Future Shock
  9. Scum Kill
  10. Diamond Ass

Make Them Die Slowly 12" LP – 1989

  1. Demonspeed
  2. Disaster Blaster
  3. Murderworld
  4. Revenge
  5. Acid Flesh
  6. Power Hungry
  7. Godslayer

"God Of Thunder" 12" EP – 1989

  1. God Of Thunder
  2. Love Razor
  3. Disaster Blaster-2
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