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THE HALO EFFECT Wrapping Up Second Album: "It's Gonna Have More Riffage"


The Halo Effect, who by now you know consists of Dark Tranquility vocalist Mikael Stanne alongside former In Flames members Jesper Strömblad, Peter Iwers, Daniel Svensson, and Niclas Engelin, has completed their second record. In an interview with MetalCore.TV, Stanne and Engelin revealed they're mixing the record with Jens Bogren and they expect to be finished pretty soon.

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"We decided to [test the material], see if people are into the new stuff that we're writing," said Stanne. "Not that it's super different, but still… And it's been fun to kind of, yeah, try things out and see if people are into it. And they seem to be digging it. So we're really excited. We're in the mixing stage of album number two, and it's starting to sound pretty good."

"[The second album is] done. We're doing the finishing mixes next week with Jens Bogren, and it feels really, really good… We're ready to go," added Engelin. When asked what to expect from the record, Engelin replied: "I think it's gonna be more riffage, maybe — if that's possible."

"To me… We listen to it every day now in order to kind of finalize the mix," said Stanne. "But it's more focused, I think. For me, it feels like we are more confident in who we are, whereas the first album was kind of, like, 'Hey, let's figure things out, see where we can take things.' Now it's become focused and more final, I think, and more confident… I cannot wait to start releasing singles and stuff like that. It's gonna be awesome. I cannot wait. It sounds so good."

The Halo Effect released their debut album Days Of The Lost in 2021, and dropped an album B-side "Path Of Fierce Resistance" earlier this year.

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