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TESTAMENT Are In The Studio Right Now!

Could we finally get that Testament record?

Could we finally get that Testament record?

Testament was supposed to hit the studio last July, but the whole thing got derailed due to touring. Then in February the band announced that a new single was finished and they had planned out a title for the record, though a timeline for the record was still fairly unclear.

Now vocalist Chuck Billy has spoken to The Metalist and has said the band "will hit the studio next week." But the interview was conducted back in April, so guess what? They're in the studio! The title of the record is The Brotherhood of the Snake, and the album should be out in October.

“We’re going into the studio on Wednesday to start tracking the record – we’ll hopefully have it done by June when we go over to Europe. We hope to have it delivered by the time we come over to Europe.”

I guess we'll see if things pan out this time. At this point, delays due to touring have happened once, so we'll see if it'll happen again. It's worth noting that this will be the first record with bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Charred Walls Of The Damned, Sadus, ex-Death, etc.) since the band's 2001 record/compilation First Strike Still Deadly.

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