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SODOM Working On Their Heaviest Album Yet

They also might work with the producer of their early albums.

Sodom 2022

Legendary German thrash band Sodom is still going strong after over 40 years as a band and clearly has no intention of slowing down any time soon. In an interview with Metalheads Forever, vocalist and bassist Tom Angelripper said the band is currently working on some of their heaviest material yet! Which I guess isn't shocking considering how crushing both the band's 2020 album Genesis XIX and 2021 EP Bombenhagel were…. and basically everything else Sodom ever does.

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"We have a couple of songs written, we had some pre-productions, you know, and I can tell you the new songs will be the heaviest ever," he said as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar. "[With] this album, what I want to do, I want to go to a professional studio and be together with the band for three or four weeks, recording the stuff, mixing the stuff."

Angelripper also mentioned he's considering working with producer Harris Johns on the new material. Johns produced a good amount of Sodom's albums between 1987 and 2001, including classics like Persecution Mania and Agent Orange.

"I'm also thinking about getting our old producer Harris Johns back on the panel because he has a lot of ideas, he's still a cool guy, and he kept the spirit of the 80's. We want to have a better sound, we want to get more old school with a better sound, you know. When you compare music from the 80's to nowadays, I think the sound was better in the 80's. If you listen to all the Kiss or the [Mötley Crüe] or Venom or even Slayer, [especially with] the drum sound, you know. That is my dream, to get a bigger drum sound together, to get vocals straight, straight to the ears."

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"I want the next album to be the most powerful thing we've ever put out."


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