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SEVENDUST Guitarist CLINT LOWERY Says New Album Is Coming Soon And It's One Of Their Best

Lowery also has a new EP coming out next month.

sevendust 2020
Photo by Travis Shinn/Chuck Brueckmann

It's been a couple of years since the most recent Sevendust LP, Blood and Stone, but the band has just finished recording their follow up, said guitarist Clint Lowery on the Good Company with Bowling podcast.

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"We don't have a date. We have [time frame], like maybe this summer," Lowery said. "There'll be music rolling out pretty soon in the next couple of months."

Lowry continued, saying that "I'm really excited about this record. We did that with Elvis Baskette (Alter Bridge, Slash). He's got his vibe. And this will be our third record with him." Baskette previously produced Blood and Stone and All I See Is War (2018) for the hard rocking Atlanta quintet.

Explaining his dizzying range of emotions about the as-of-now untitled new album, Lowry told host Scott Bowling, "I've listened to it, I've not liked it, I loved it, I hated it, and then I fell back in love with it"—something most musicians can probably relate with.

"[The new Sevendust LP] took a lot out of me creatively, which is amazing that I even went for [a new solo] EP (Ghostwriter, due out February 17) to do myself [after Sevendust], 'cause I was kind of tapped out creatively. I couldn't even listen to the record afterwards. It was mixed and I heard it, and Elvis did a great job, but it was, like, 'I've gotta put it away for a while.' And I put it on the other day to listen to it, and I'm, 'Oh, man, this is gonna be good. People are gonna really dig it.' I think it's one of the best [records] we've done in a while, man."

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You can watch the full interview with Lowry on Good Company with Bowling just below.

Sevendust completed writing their new album last summer. The band spent time in a Kansas farmhouse crafting the tunes for the album. During that time, drummer Morgan Rose posted on Instagram, "I can say with not 1 bit of doubt, that this trip was my favorite of our career. Just 5 guys in a farmhouse, creating. Telling each other how much we love each other, supporting each other, enjoying being together. No outsiders, no drama, no bullshit. Just us."

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