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SCAR SYMMETRY Is Writing The Second Installment Of The Singularity Album Series

Posted by on January 9, 2015 at 10:30 am

Have I mentioned how much I loved Scar Symmetry's last record The Singularity, Phase One: Neohumanity? I feel like I have at least once or twice. So obviously I'm stoked that we're probably not going to have to wait another three years, like we did between the group's 2011 and 2014 records, to hear some new stuff! The band took to Facebook to make the following announcement, complete with Star Wars joke:

"One of us is having a kid soon, which is why we've decided to not tour until the fall at the earliest, though we might do some of them summer festivals this year. In the meanwhile, me and Henrik will be hard at work writing 'The Singularity (Phase II – The Force Awakens)'. We're nowhere near having a release date, but as usual you'll read it hear first!"

Yeah, they cleared that one up in the comments section- it's not going to be named The Force Awakens. Disney has sued the hair of peoples' heads for a lot less than that and whoever is in charge of Scar Symmetry's Facebook page has assured us the title is "much cooler." Obviously this is just the group announcing that the next album is being penned this year, so a 2015 release date may or may not be feasible. Not that I'm any less excited about the news!

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