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ROYAL THUNDER Demoing First New Album Since 2017

We need more Mlny Parsonz in our lives.

ROYAL THUNDER live at Saint Vitus Bar, July 26th, 2017 (FULL SET)

Royal Thunder has revealed they're working on their first new record since 2017's Wick. The band has posted a quick video of the demoing process below, which is great if only because we really need more Royal Thunder in our lives.

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"It's almost like, 'stop writing! Stop!' Things are… and it doesn't mean we're gonna use all of it, but we have so much just pouring out, and I'm just blown away," said bassist and vocalist Mlny Parsonz in an interview with The Devil's Mouth about the new material.

"It's been very, very cool and very all over the place. Not in a disorganized 'what the fuck are you guys doing [kind of way].' It's still us. I feel like it's everything we wanted to say for years and it's just coming out musically."

Royal Thunder is currently Parsonz, guitarist Josh Weaver, and drummer Evan Diprima (who left the band in 2018 and rejoined in 2020). As far as a timetable for the new record goes, Parsonz said the band is definitely recording sometime soon this year.

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