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Posted by on May 9, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Legendary hardcore punk group Corrosion of Conformity are going to have Lamb of God's Randall Blythe on the mic for a new project, which also involves coolest man in rock, Dave Grohl. Prepare yourself.

Blythe elaborated on the collaboration on his Instagram page, posting the above photo with this caption:

This is me with Mike Dean & Reed Mullin of the legendary NC band, Corrosion of Conformity. Their record, "Animosity", is a HUGE influence on me, in fact the vocals on that record by these two men were the first screaming type music I tried to sing along to, EVER. Reed had a track he wanted me to write lyrics for & sing on, so I did (title is "Hung Out To Dry")- it's old-school COC style thrash punk & I killed it on the mic last night- SO FAST! It was a huge honor for me to work on this- it will eventually come out as a project called TEENAGE TIME KILLER (named after a Rudimentary Peni song) w/a bunch of cool vocalists. The instruments were recorded at Dave Grohl's studio (watch his documentary, Sound City- track was recorded on THAT board)- Grohl will add a couple of guitar tracks to the tune too. So good! Then I interviewed these two for The Crucible.

I'm interested to see where Blythe goes with it, given that Corrosion isn't nearly as heavy as Lamb is (not that it's a bad thing). Is he gonna go full on screaming nuts? Or maybe a more punk approach given his background with the punk scene? I guess we'll see, but it'll definitely be cool to hear at the very least!

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