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OBSCURA Being Pre-Production on New Album and Seek Fans' Help For Interactive Project

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Obscura, with new guitarist and drummer in toe, are hard at work on the followup to their excellent 2011 album Omnivium and have teased as such on their Facebook page today, also making note of a new interactive project they are hoping to get fan submissions for.

Obscura posted this on their Facebook page:

Obscura is working hard on the follow up to 2011’s “Omnivium”. The band is already in pre-production process and starts tracking demos for the new record. We are all pleased with the new material which pairs songwriting, technicality and arrangments of the last albums with creative input of Linus Klausenitzer, Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger and Sebastian Lanser, while keeping our trademark prog riffing across fusion and death metal that makes Obscura sound unique.

While working on Obscura’s fourth, yet untitled, record we just initiated an interactive project we need your help for. We are looking for all kinds of photos, videos, graphics, flyers and tour posters since the very beginning in 2002. If you have any footage you would like to share and be part of the band’s project, please get in touch via contact@realmofobscura.com.

Especially videos of our shows in Japan, South East Asia, Mexico, Europe and North America would be appreciated. If you made pictures with the band members after a concert or just made a few shots during a show, feel free to send an email to the band. Everyone contributing will be mentioned in the final credits.


Steffen Kummerer

Any news about new Obscura is exciting. Any guesses on what this project is? Could it be bonus material for the new album? Or perhaps for a relaunch of their official website?

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