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NITA STRAUSS' Upcoming Solo Album Will Be Half Instrumental, Half Vocals

"It's still important for me to keep my identity as a guitar player and not just branch off too much."

nita strauss

Nita Strauss released her all-instrumental solo album Controlled Chaos in 2018, and followed it up this year with a new song featuring Disturbed vocalist David Draiman. Now in an interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast, Strauss revealed that her new album will be half instrumental and half with vocals. Strauss said the decision to do half and half helps her still retain her guitar-playing voice while still having some cool collaborations.

"We've got half and half — so it's gonna be half vocal songs and half instrumental. I did feel, and the label and everybody agreed, it's still important for me to keep my identity as a guitar player and not just branch off too much and go, 'Okay, well, now it's just guests.' Let me still have a little of what makes me me, which is the instrumental shred stuff. And the instrumental pieces that I've written on this record are, I think, better than anything I did on the first one — definitely more… I don't know if it could be more emotional but they're very emotional pieces of music and I think a little better crafted this time around.

"So I think all the songs in general are more well thought out, better put together this time around. And I do have some of my absolute favorite [singers guesting on it]. I have three amazing powerhouse female vocalists on this album so far. And there are still a couple of things T.B.D. And then we should be ready to release next spring."

No word on who the guests will be, but I'm sure it'll kick ass.

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