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NICKELBACK Is Teasing New Music And It Sounds Pretty Heavy

Panic chords, anyone?

Nickelback 2022

Nickelback is teasing their first new music since their 2017 album Feed The Machine and it actually sounds pretty heavy? I mean seriously, the band has posted the below teaser and while it's not much to go on, it's certainly sounding pretty beefy with those opening panic chords and Morbid Angel pickscrape into the main groove. Check it out below.

Nickelback getting heavy wouldn't be shocking, either. The band's 2017 album kicked things off with the title track whose riffing was pretty shocking at the time considering 2014's No Fixed Address being a little lighter. I guess what I'm getting at is this – it'd be pretty cool to see Nickelback just say "fuck it" and drop a heavy song, or even a heavy record. They're clearly capable of doing it. And who knows! Maybe they're taking cues from their good buddies in Pantera at this point too, considering Nickelback and Pantera were good friends. Hell, Nickelback even paid tribute to the late and great Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell with their 2005 song "Side of a Bullet," which featured an unused solo from Dimebag himself.

Nickelback also dropped a cover of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" in 2020 which you can check out below. Obviously it's not an original, but Nickelback certainly saw to it that shredding was incorporated into its runtime.

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