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NICKELBACK Is Done With The Joke Of People Not Liking Them, Thank You Very Much

They'll end your interview if you mention it.

Nickelback 2023

The joke of hating Nickelback finally culminated in a new documentary called Hate to Love: Nickelback. The documentary just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and, according to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, is the final word on the long-running joke. Because frankly, Kroeger and the gang are getting a little sick of it.

According to Kroeger in an interview with People, having people say that they dislike the band right to his face for actual decades is starting to wear thin. Kroeger later notes that any mention of the joke will be an instant end to any interview, which is fair – there's plenty of other stuff to talk about with Nickelback at this point.

"If somebody stuck that thing in your face every single day and said, 'The whole world hates you like this, the whole world hates you. What do you have to say about that? Every single day. Every day. Would there be reluctance on your behalf to talk about it? Would you get pissed off? Would you be over it after a while?"

He later added: "I'm over it. We made a documentary. Everybody can watch it. And now from this day forward, if anybody asks that question in the press, it's like that's the end of the interview. So if you want to end an interview, that's all you have to say and that will be it."

Nickelback guitarist Ryan Peake added that the documentary was a way for the band to take control of the joke. "We get to take the narrative," he said. "We get to actually tell our version. It's like you turn the cheek for as much as you can, and then at some point it's, like, 'Here's our take on it.'"

Check out the trailer for Hate to Love: Nickelback below.

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