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NACHTMYSTIUM Writing A New Record; Will Most Likely Be About Drugs

Posted by on May 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Looks like Nachtmystium are in the studio working on a new record. Frontman Blake Judd has been quoted as saying "The new record will have a very strong industrial influence in the vein of later-era Ministry, Revolting Cocks and Nine Inch Nails, but also a strong, depressive, old-school black metal influence." The band also has a split with Von in the works.

As for what the record will sound like, if a recent interview Blake Judd did with the site No Clean Singing is any indication, drugs will somehow be involved:

W- Addicts sort of works as a concept record with the music video tied in. It all focuses on the drugs. Going into it, did you decide—this will be the drug record! Or was it something that came up later?

SP- Every record is the drug record.

BJ- Every record with us is a drug record. Addicts is the record I made while I was a heroin addict—which I have kicked.

BW- Congrats on kicking the habit.

BJ- Well, I only did it so these guys would come on tour with me, and I’m not kidding. That album is about hard living. I want to live hard. I don’t want to skip a beat ever. If I can have a good time I will have it, if I can have an experience I am going to indulge in it, and if I die tomorrow I never had a dull moment. That’s how I want to live my life, and how I have done so since I was eighteen years old.

And with that decision-making process comes a series of ups and downs that you need to be prepared for, but I’ve never let that shit allow me to treat my friends like crap. The issue of keeping yourself under control—behavior, finances… don’t live beyond your means. I’ve tried not to do that. I’ve floundered here and there, but I’ve never walked out of Sanford’s studio in the middle of the night with a $2,000 piece of equipment to go buy dope.

SP- That’s because I’d slit your fucking throat.

BJ- It’s beyond that, though. I believe that the strength in Addicts is that you can live your life like that and not be a complete fuckup. You choose to let it destroy you. I’m here. I had to kick a fucking bad habit before I left and I did. I didn’t let it bother anyone else in this bus other than 24 hours of me being moody.

Pretty ridiculous stuff. I definitely recommend reading the entire interview. A quick hat tip to Vince of MetalSucks for bringing this interview to my attention.

Also, check out all of our accumulated Nachtmytium live footage from over the years.

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