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Metal Blade Reissuing Their 1982 Metal Massacre Compilation Feat. Early METALLICA & RATT Cuts

Featuring early cuts from Metallica, Ratt, Cirith Ungol, and more.

Metal Massacre

Metal Blade founder Brian Slagel is celebrating the label's 40th anniversary with a repressing of the classic 1982 compilation Metal Massacre. The compilation featured the first-ever Metallica song "Hit The Lights," as well as contributions from then-underground artists like Ratt, Cirith Ungol, and Malice. It's worth noting that the version of "Hit The Lights" that appears on the reissue is from the second pressing of the Metal Massacre compilation. The first version featured Lloyd Grant on lead guitar, whereas the second version featured then-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney.

The reissue runs as follows:

  1. Steeler – "Cold Day in Hell"
  2. Bitch – "Live for the Whip"
  3. Malice – "Captive of Light"
  4. Ratt – "Tell the World"
  5. Avatar – "Octave"
  6. Black 'n Blue – "Chains Around Heaven"
  7. Cirith Ungol – "Death of the Sun"
  8. Demon Flight – "Dead of the Night"
  9. Pandemonium – "Fighting Backwards"
  10. Malice – "Kick You Down"
  11. Metallica – "Hit the Lights"

Pre-orders are available here before its April 22 release.

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