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MEGADETH Share New Photos From The Studio

Posted by on May 23, 2019 at 9:17 am

We're probably not getting a new Megadeth record this year, 2020 seems more likely. But that's because the band want to take their time with the record.

They entered the studio earlier this month and drummer Dirk Verbeuren even promised at the very least there will be blast beats. Yesterday, the band shared more photos from the studio and it looks like they are tracking guitars:

Here are some more photos posted in recent days:

Megadeth have plenty of time to record their 16th studio record. Their next scheduled date is the Illinois State Fair on August 9th.

More information as it becomes available. Last we heard from Mustaine himself, there's one song he compares to something Mercyful Fate would do.

"We're trying to keep with that real heavy thing. Dystopia was more of us doing what makes us feel good; there's a lot of super-heavy, fast drumming at the end of some songs."

"My son was in here two days ago, and when we were doing Dystopia, he was listening to the songs and making comments, and the ones he commented on were the ones that got the best response. When he came over this time, we were working on a song that has the tentative title 'The Dogs Of Chernobyl', and the intro riff has kind of a Hungarian guitar part, kind of like something Mercyful Fate did on 'Into The Coven'. The song comes in super powerful and strong, and my son goes, 'Oh god, that's heavy as hell!' and I just started laughing."

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