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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Is Aiming To Release Their New Album In 2024

"I would assume new music next year, for sure."

2019-07-27-Heavy-Montreal-Killswitch Engage-14

If the stars align correctly, and the moon is in our favor, it might finally be time to say that we are one step closer to having a new Killswitch Engage album.

Taking advantage of the band's current appearance headlining Bloodstock UK for the first time, Kerrang! interviewed Killswitch Engage's guitarist and producer, Adam Dutkiewicz who stated they have been working on new songs for a while. A long while, I'd say, though they're finally planning to release the long-awaited new album in 2024.

"Yeah, we've been writing for quite some time now. Jesse Leach has been working out some lyric ideas and demos for the last few days, actually. We’ve got a lot of songs kind of rolling around right now. I'm thinking about getting back into the studio after this tour and getting to work, and I'm hoping we'd like to have the record done by the end of the year. But it might take a bit longer than that, so I would assume new music next year, for sure."

Leach mentioned in a previous interview that the long gap between albums was mostly due to Killswitch Engage trying to avoid repeating themselves musically.

"The album is… taking a lot longer than, I think, any of us anticipated, because there's a lot of quality control going on. And making sure that it's fresh; we're not repeating ourselves. So that process has been a little arduous but I think necessary because we don't wanna put out something that people are gonna go, 'Oh, yeah. Another Killswitch record. Whatever.'"

He continued: "We're solidifying a lot, but there's still some back-and-forth and looking at parts and rewriting the music. And then I'm revisiting a lot of the lyrics. I've actually rewritten a bunch of stuff. 'Cause we all got together and had a meeting, and all of us just kind of gave our input on everything, and I took notes. It's the first time, really, I think we've done that. But, again, I do believe that it's necessary at our stage in our career to really just kind of get all of our heads together to make sure that this record is gonna be what we all feel is a good representation of who we are right now."

So 2024. Mark it down!

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