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KERRY KING Confirms That Two SLAYER Songs Have Been Fully Recorded

We've been keeping up with the new Slayer album progress as much as possible. We even broke the news that the band is hoping to have a new EP out by Mayhem Fest. Today, a further update. While being interviewed by a European MTV affiliate, guitarist Kerry King chimed in with the latest update on their recording. Guess what? They got two songs done!

"[The two new SLAYER tracks] are done, but they're just not mixed," he said. "It's [like], do you put them out now or do you just wait for the [full-length] record to be done [and include them as part of the final package]? We're gona finish the record September-October. So I, myself, would rather wait, because I don't like to put those two songs out and then include them on the record. In my thinking, if you put those two songs out, then make ten more songs and put those two on that album just as an afterthought. But I feel like I've gotta give people ten new songs. That's why on the last one [2009's 'World Painted Blood'] we did 11, 'cause 'Psychopathy Red' was already out. So [the two new songs are] done. We'll see what the record company proposes. I think they've been talking about an EP, which is kind of a throwback to the '80s, which is really cool, I think. But we'll just have to see."

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Interesting. So the plan was to get an EP out before Mayhem Fest, but ole Kerry King isn't feeling double dipping, with releasing the EP and then including them in a full-length later this fall. I commend him for that, but at the same time, I JUST WANT TO HEAR NEW SLAYEEEERRRR!!

Here is the full interview:

[via Blabbermouth]

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