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MESHUGGAH Writing A New Album

They started probably about in September.


Zippo Encore recently posted an interview with Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström that seems to be from around May of this year. In the video, Hagström said the band was about two weeks away from playing Chicago Open Air Festival, which took place on May 18. Hagström added that once Meshuggah was done touring Europe in August, they'd start focusing on writing a new album.

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Considering all that has passed, Meshuggah is now writing a new album.

"We're doing this U.S. run, we got like two weeks left here in the states. We're finishing off in Chicago at Chicago Open Air. It's gonna be sweet. Then we got some weeks off, and then we do festivals in August in Europe and then we're done with this album probably. Then it's writing mode."

Hagström also talks a little bit about the band's process in writing.

"Right now [drummer Tomas Haake and bassist Dick Lövgren] are working a lot at the studio in Stockholm, and I'm up North in the sticks. So I sit at home and I'm working on my shit. So we send it back and forth, and then I go to Stockholm and we compare stuff to each other. It's early going still. Every process is kind of its own process and you never know where it's gonna go."

Check out the full interview below and get stoked for a new Meshuggah album either in 2020 or 2021!

Dudes Talking S#*t In A Truck: Meshuggah

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Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah joined Jose Mangin backstage at Welcome To Rockville to talk about the band's studio process, guitars, reptiles, and more.

Posted by Zippo Encore on Monday, November 25, 2019

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