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IMMORTAL, Now Just DEMONAZ, Announces New Album War Against All

Horgh is out of the picture.


Immortal has announced they've completed work on their new record War Against All.

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The announcement only cites guitarist Demonaz as a member of the band, which seems to mean that Demonaz won the 2020 dispute over the band's name against drummer Horgh. It's not clear who else played on the record just yet, as the press release only says it features some session members. "Immortal continues the style that was established and defined on our very first records. It ́s fast, furious, epic, and mighty Blashyrkh metal – the one and only way!" said Demonaz of War Against All.

War Against All was produced at Earshot & Conclave Studios and currently does not have a release date. Of the recording process, Demonaz offered the following: "It's actually the same studio where I recorded the guitars and vocals for Northern Chaos Gods. They also did a great job with the new album, and it was a pleasure to go back and work there again. I am especially pleased with the outcome on this one. It's got that cold biting guitar sound, yet powerful production.

"Immortal have never compromised on the original vision, which is taking fans on a journey through Blashyrkh with our most grim and dark music, with every new release. These songs are no exception to this. I am proud of the final result, it's got a distinct expression, and I can't wait to let the fans hear it!"

The artwork for War Against All was done by Swedish artist Mattias Frisk.

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For those unclear on the trademark situation, Demonaz originally registered the Immortal name with the Norwegian Patent Office as his own trademark in 2019. Horgh appealed the decision and won, meaning both he and Demonaz owned the name. At the time, Horgh said in an interview with VG "It could never have occurred to me to register the trademark by myself, as [Demonaz] has done here, but I have found myself having to fight to keep the rights I have earned through a long career in this band. It is, and after all has been for many years, a large part of my livelihood." Demonaz disagreed at the time, adding he is "the band's only remaining original member. I am also the only one who has been on all of the band's releases."

The album is a follow-up to Immortal's 2018 album Northern Chaos Gods, which was the then-duo's first record without longtime guitarist and vocalist Abbath. While there hasn't been any further talk of Abbath returning to his old band, he did make mention of being open to a reunion in a 2020 interview.

"Immortal reunion? Hmm. I got a text from Horgh saying it was great that I got sober. [Demonaz] and I haven’t spoken at all. But there's no evil blood or bitterness on my part anymore. I realize that I was a part of the problem. Things are great for me now. But am I open to an Immortal reunion? Yes, of course. But it has to be something special. I just wish we could sit down and have a talk about things when it all went to hell, instead of involving lawyers."

IMMORTAL, Now Just DEMONAZ, Announces New Album War Against All
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Immortal return with their latest album, War Against All.