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IMMORTAL Announces First Abbath-Less Album Northern Chaos Gods For July

Immortal remains immortal!

Immortal remains immortal!

Immortal released All Shall Fall in September 2009 and then fell silent for quite some time until founding guitarist and vocalist Abbath quit in 2015 to pursue a solo career. Abbath says he felt forced to quit, Immortal accused him of stealing their material and blamed his departure on personal issues, and that was that.

Remaining members drummer Horgh and guitarist-turned-vocalist/frontman Demonaz hit the studio in 2016 to create their first-ever Abbath-less record, and now we've got all the details.

Immortal will release Northern Chaos Gods on July 6, which is eight tracks and 45 minutes "of merciless speed and icy darkness, all massive songs in the true Immortal way. A 7" single of the title track is available on May 25 and can be pre-ordered here come May 11.

"We are eternally dedicated to Immortal and our own musical past. The album is conceptual, and the first step in the reclaiming of our past grimness and attitude. Loyalty to the fans and our own musical history is very significant in this. Our new album will soon be available, with songs from the very gates of Blashyrkh – the realm of all darkness and cold."

It's also worth noting that death metal legend Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, ex-Bloodbath) is the session bassist for Northern Chaos Gods. This will also be the first time Demonaz has provided lead vocals for Immortal.

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