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IHSAHN Announces New Album, Das Seelenbrechen

I use the term "announces" lightly; the sparse information detailing Ihsahn's new record. We knew it would be coming this fall but details were scarce. Today we've learned the album will be called Das Seelenbrechen and we have a release date.

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Das Seelenbrechen, which when translated means The Soul Breaking, is due out on October 22 according to (and a few other sites). Damn that is a dark-sounding record title.

Ihsahn had teasing us with pictures and all that jazz, but remaining pretty quiet about the whole thing overall. Amazing that just after a year of releasing Eremita he's got one all ready to go for us. Unfortunately there's no track listing or personnel listed on any of the sites that make mention of Das Seelenbrechen (as of the time of writing this, we're the only people to be saying anything else other than a release date at this point).

I'm hoping for a little more doom-flavored jams like he gave us on the song "Grave," because damn was that heavy. Overall it'll be interesting to see where this record takes him; while After was manic-and-panic with a few groovier, atmospheric songs, Eremita plunged the depths of depression with slower, more terror-inducing songs that hinted at sadness. What soul breaking, heart-wrenching music might we be getting with Das Seelenbrechen? Who knows, but I'll be shocked if it's less than perfect.

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