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HIGH ON FIRE Announces Remixed & Remastered The Art Of Self Defense

2022-06-16-Hellfest-High on Fire-2-watermark

High On Fire's The Art Of Self Defense has been off streaming services for a little while now, but apparently it's coming back better than ever! High On Fire has announced a remixed and remastered version of The Art Of Self Defense for this August, with a remix done by Billy Anderson and a new master by Justin Weis. The new version includes all three songs from High On Fire's original 1999 demo, and is available for pre-order here.

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"Remember when you guys started asking me where Art of Self Defense went?" said High On Fire frontman Matt Pike. "Well not sure when it wandered off to, but it came back like new and totally polished! Like a feral dog wandered onto a truckbed during a deluxe car wash…"

In the meantime, High On Fire is hard at work on their first new record with new drummer Coady Willis (Big Business, ex-Melvins), who joined the band in 2021 after the departure of Des Kensel.

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