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Here's Your First Taste of New HATEBREED

A nice meaty breakdown.


Hatebreed are teasing their first new music since The Concrete Confessional in 2016. The band was in the studio last November, and now they're ready to show off some of the fruits of their labor.

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Nuclear Blast announced that the first single, "When The Blade Drops" comes out on Valentine's Day, which is shockingly right around the corner. You can hear your first taste of the song below, a nice meaty breakdown.

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Frontman Jamey Jasta recently told Loudwire that writing both his solo album and the new Hatebreed album helped him stay inspired to do both. He also adds that the new Hatebreed album lives more in the realm of the band's earlier records like 2002's Perseverance and 2003's The Rise of Brutality.

It's helped me stay inspired and stay strong as far as all my vocal takes. When I finished the Jasta record a few months back, I kept tracking demos and kept tracking vocal ideas, just to keep my voice fresh. Then, when I got in for the Hatebreed record, I got all that other stuff out of my system — the really metallic, really heavy, really "melodic-meets-heavy" stuff out of my system.

Hatebreed can be very pure, straightforward hardcore, more in the realm of the Perseverance/Rise of Brutality era, with a little bit of the self-titled or and a little bit of Concrete Confessional in there. I think that helps to just keep the ideas flowing.

If I had something that was a fast hardcore part, I just put that in my folder filed under the new Hatebreed [material]. This way, I'm not trying to infuse any melody. I'm not trying to write these soaring hooks for Howard Jones, Dee Snider, Matt Heafy or Jesse Leach. It's very meat and potatoes, East Coast hardcore that's going to be on this new Hatebreed album, which I think is the best approach.


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